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We offer our clients with a wide range of medical tools which has been able to prove an asset in the medical industry. Use of high graded stainless steel, mild steel, tungsten carbide, nuts, screws, zirconia ceramic, nitinol and titanium ensures high quality and longer life of our products. Manufactured as per industrial standards, these can be provided in customized sizes to meet the requirements of our clients with utmost efficiency.

CO2 Insufflator

Features :
  • Noiseless Operation.
  • Feather touch key-board.
  • Digital indication of set pressure from 0-20mm Hg.
  • Digital indication of intra abdominal pressure.
  • Separate digital indication of set & actual flow from 1 to 20/30 Liters /minute.
  • Digital indication of total volume consumed 0 to 99 Liters.
  • Pulsating flow of gas in veress mode.
  • Non – pulsating flow of gas in trocar mode (linear flow).
  • Auto Cut –off.
  • Built –in warmer to avoid fogging of telescope & prevent hypothermia.
  • In-built filter to curtail pollutants from cylinder gas.
  • Cylinder gas indicator (Audio/ Visual alarm) in console (empty/ full).
  • Universal regulator for CO2 cylinder.

Cold Light Source

Features : Features :
  • Cold Light Source (Halogen)
  • Dual Light System.
  • Inbuilt heat filter (condenser lens) to provide genuine cold light.
  • Due to genuine cold light, casing and light adapter remain cold during operation.
  • In built voltage control rectifier to prevent early blow up of bulb.
  • Excellent air circulation for cooling.
  • Easy lamp change system.
Technical specifications:
  • 24 V / 250W Halogen bulb with reflector.
  • Power supply 230 V A. C., 50 Hz -+ 10%

LED Cold Light Source (L300)

Features :
    LED Cold Light Source (L300)
  • That Exceed the light output of a 205-watt halogen lamp and provides and energy efficient , maintenance free alternative to Halogen and Xenon(300W) Light Source.
  • As it is LED its light is Bright and White. Doesn't affect by any voltage surge.Long lifetime of bulb(50,000 hours)
  • Light Weight and reliable system to carry anywhere .
Technical Specification
  • Power Supply :                    220/250v AC, 50/62Hz.
  • Power Consumption. :        100W.
  • Color Temperature. :         6000K (Sunlight.)
  • Light Spectrum :                Visible Light Only.
  • Intensity :                          2300 Lumens.
  • Intensity Control :            10% to 100% (Electronic Dimmer)
  • Dimensions :                    275mm * 235mm * 115mm
  • Weight :                            3.4 kg
  • Fiber Optic Connector :   Karl Storz Compatible.

Endoscopic Accessories (Urology & Laparoscopy)

Accessories For Cystoscopy

Accessories For Nephroscopy

Accessories For Resectoscopy

Accessories For Ureterenoscopy



  • Highly effective & Safe intracorporel Pneumatic contact type Lithotripsy System For Calculi Fragmentation.
  • Most effective method of Urinary, Renal & Bladder Stones Fragmentation With the help of different Dai.
  • No thermal injury to tissue.
  • Runs on Oxygen cylinder available in all operation theaters. Can also be used with Central Oxygen Supply.
  • Maintenance-free design.
  • .
  • Portable system which can be easily carry anywhere.
  • Easy to assemble & Operate.
  • Offers Four Pre-set Frequencies of impacts to treat stones of different size & hardness.
  • Adjustable Power blast with the help of Regulating Pressure Regulator
Control Unit
  • Supply Voltage : 220/230 V AC @ 50Hz
  • Operating Pressure Min. : 2.5 Kg/cm2
  • Dimension : 175 mm X 200 mm X 132mm
  • Weight : 2 Kg.
Hand Piece
  • Dimensions: Len. 175mm X f21mm
  • Dai
    • f0.8mm, 1mm & 1.2mm: For Ureteric(URS) stone.
    • f1.5mm: For Bladder stone.
    • f2.0mm: For Kidney stone.
    "for protection of URS Bridge from breakage due to vibration of Dia”.


  • Micro Process based software.
  • Transformer replaced with very advance SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) circuit
  • Digital Display which indicates pressure & frequencies
  • Feather touch frequency switches offers very easy selection of mode.
  • System is calibrated for current output.
  • .
  • Specially lubricated ABS plastic body which have light weight.
  • Snap fitting connector for Foot-Switch.
  • Very good results in fragmentation of extremely hard calculi.
  • Supply Voltage: 230 VAC/50Hz +,- 10%
  • Supply Pressure: 6Kg/cm2
  • Operating Pressure: 2.5Kg/cm2
  • CONTROL UNIT: Specially Fabricated ABS Plastic Box
  • Dimension : 205mm X 245mm X 140mm.
  • Weight: 2kg.
    HAND PIECE : Made From Non Toxic Alluminum & Nylon Alloys
  • Dimension Weight : Length 175 mm X 21 mm
  • Weight : 110gms.
  • 0.8mm, 1mm & 1.2mm : For Ureteric Stone
  • 1.5 mm : For Bladder Stone
  • 2.0 mm : For Kidney Stone



The Simplest and most useful investigation in assessment of voiding dysfunction is the measurement of Urinary Flow. Sigma Medical Technologies manufactures the "UROFOLW digitech" which measures the urinary flow rate by Weight Type(Gravimetric) system. The UROFLOW digitech measures and indicates the urinary flow rate in ml/sec. along with,
  • Voided Volume
  • Voided Time.
  • Max. Flow Rate.
  • Flow Time.
  • Time to Max. Flow.
  • Average Flow Rate.
  • Intensity Control : 10% to 100% (electronic Dimmer)
  • Dimensions : 275mm * 255mm * 115mm
  • Weight : 3.4 kg

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